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Diversity and Inclusion Dashboard

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Before you can agree on DEI targets, you need to understand the baseline and the data you need to capture across the employee life cycle, from recruitment to offboarding. Once you’re off and running, tracking the results of the DEI initiatives you put in place and more importantly, the wider impact of having a diverse workforce on your organisational goals, like productivity, is key. illumin8HR is designed to support you with delivering your DEI goals, with measurable outcomes.

Workforce Planning

By bringing your people data together in one platform, illumin8HR can help your managers, HR and Finance teams make data driven decisions about the future workforce. As well as understanding the profile of your current workforce, simple visuals help identify trends in seasonal demand, retention and recruitment, changes in people costs, such as salaries, benefits take-up and overtime, all in one place by location, age, role and more. So when you’re planning ahead, it’s less about guesswork and gut-feel, and more about data. You can forecast and create scenarios to understand the impact of people decisions and get more control over costs so there are fewer surprises downstream.


Retaining skilled, experienced staff has a direct impact on your organisational success that is far reaching – whether that’s customer satisfaction, productivity, sales performance, project delivery or the engagement of other colleagues, the impact is huge and goes way beyond the cost to replace them. With all your HR and payroll data in illumin8HR, linking data points such as career development, engagement, salary and manager, makes it easy to spot where, what and why people are leaving the organisation and get ahead of the curve using forecast trends and insights. Once you’ve identified areas for improvement, it’s simple to track whether your interventions are making an impact.

Wellbeing & Engagement

Gathering engagement data through surveys and pulse tests has become a rich source of intelligence to help identify potential problems and ultimately, ensure staff feel valued and supported. Tying this together into other sources of employee data, such as sickness, staff turnover and payroll elevates the value of engagement data to a new level and helps measure the wider impact to improve organisational culture and reduce workforce costs.

Sickness Absence

Whether it’s long term or short term, or work-related sickness, for many organisations it’s a growing problem, and an expensive one. With illumin8HR, getting to the root of sickness absence is made easier with simple drill-downs and automated insights flag when sickness levels are rising. Understanding trends and causes means HR teams and managers can act quickly to ensure staff get the support they need. Bringing sickness together with hours worked and overtime data to identify employee burn-out, or comparing stress awareness training with stress-related absence means HR teams and managers can spot, manage and measure issues quickly and effectively, reducing sickness levels and associated costs.

Pay & Benefits

Rising salary costs and the need to attract employees with a buffet of compelling benefits means workforce budgets are under increasing pressure. Understanding payroll costs is pretty simple. But do you understand the impact of pay increases on employee engagement? How does the take-up of benefits impact on staff retention and are the benefits you offer appealing to the different generations you employ or want to attract? Making strategic decisions about where to employ your future workforce, taking into account the cost to recruit and train, likely retention rates and performance, gives you a more complete picture of the total employee cost and long-term value to the organisation.


ATS systems usually provide great data and reporting – the best sources of candidates, source of hire, the costs and time to hire are available as standard. Increased value comes through joining the dots with this data across the employee life cycle to understand things like the quality of hire and the longer-term impact on the organisation. Take DEI for example. It’s not enough to know that you have filled a quota in how diverse your candidate pool is, or the individuals recruited. How does this golden thread link through the employee life cycle – development, performance, promotions, decisions on pay, levels of engagement, ER issues, right through to who leaves and when? Bringing recruitment data together in illumin8HR with employee and wider operational data means one place to go to inform decisions and deliver the broader HR goals and challenges.

Career Mobility, Development & Training

Q. How do you measure the impact of training? A. Link it to your other data sources.
We have a mix of different generations in our workforce, all motivated by differences things. Whilst some are looking for opportunities for personal development, others are more interested in career progression. What impact does investment in training and development have on their engagement and retention, and on their effectiveness?  What about the wider impact on skills, productivity, and performance?  Does mandatory training, like manual handling, positively impact on sickness absence? Linking employee data sources can help track compliance, training ROI and the impact on physical and mental wellbeing.

Performance Management

As well as visibility of top performers and those employees requiring more support, illumin8HR automatically links your data to give you a lot more. For employees in their first year, linking performance to recruitment data gives you an indication of quality of hire by source. Tying performance to absence, engagement and retention data provides a leading indicator of flight risks, whilst automated insights will highlight trends by manager, job role or region where interventions may be required to develop, protect or exit. Critically, illumin8HR drives action by identifying where to focus your efforts as a line manager, or a HR team, and highlights where there is greater productivity and performance that you may want to leverage elsewhere. 

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