Is your HR data stored on multiple platforms? illumin8HR brings your data together to allow for actionable insights.

Bringing your HR data together

From HR to payroll to recruitment to LMS, we automate the process of bringing your employee data together into one platform, whether that’s survey data from spreadsheets or data feeds using APIs, so it’s one less headache for your busy tech teams.

People analytics for the non-technical people manager

With illumin8HR, we are creating a new experience for HR leaders and people managers; so you don’t need to be a data expert to make better people decisions, know where to take action and how to have an impact on your organisation.

Why use illumin8HR?

people analytics inclusion score

Focus your efforts, reduce risk and become more proactive.

Save time with all your data in one place.

people analytics average salary per employee

Engage your colleagues to solve people problems.

People analytics cost per hire

Easily measure the impact of your initiatives and decisions with our reporting tool.

What our clients say...

illumin8HR is Award Winning

Citi Award Smarter Worklife Challenge

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