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For over 15 years, Activ8 Intelligence have worked with some of the world’s leading HR & payroll technology companies.

Our partners range from HRIS providers operating in the SME and mid markets in a single country, to multinational tech and service providers with a large enterprise customer base.

By combining illumin8HR with their HR or payroll technology suite and white-labelling it, our partners are able to offer their customers a powerful people analytics solution that unlocks the valuable data in their systems to deliver strategic value to HR and finance leaders.

Our partners tell us that 80% of their customers are looking for more advanced reporting than they can offer. The other 20% are looking for people analytics.

With illumin8HR, you can offer both.

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NEWS: Activ8 Intelligence announce partnership with Deel

By connecting your Deel account to Activ8’s award winning people analytics platform – illumin8HR, you can join the dots between your absence, sickness, retention, payroll, costs, DEI and other HR and business data. Get automatic reports, insights and alerts identifying connections, trends and outliers across your employee data and uncover the root causes of your biggest people risks before they impact your operations. Manage and mitigate risks, reduce costs, and save valuable time.

Activ8 Intelligence partnership

Why partner with us?

Keep up with your competitors

Partnering with Activ8 is your quickest and easiest way to ensure you have the people analytics technology to catch up and keep up with your HR tech competitors who have already built or acquired a solution.

Solve a critical customer issue

For people managers and HR professionals, illumin8HR will bring your clients’ workforce data together, allowing them to better understand it and know where to take action in order to manage and engage their people.

Attract new customers and retain and grow existing accounts

The addition of a people analytics solution to your product suite will widen your appeal as a value creating partner for your clients and demonstrate you as a vendor to grow with.

Bring added value to customers, no matter what their size

illumin8HR will deliver increased value to your clients across the employee lifecycle, bringing best practice metrics, dashboards and reporting to SMEs and deliver sophisticated analytics to enterprise organisations.

Upgrade from BI tools

User expectations are now moving beyond traditional reporting and dashboarding delivered by BI tools, towards true people analytics solutions that are accessible, actionable and impactful.

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