All your employee data in one place

Make decisions on your key people challenges faster, easier and data-driven, removing bias and minimising risk.

illumin8HR – People analytics made easy.

Whether you require simple reports and dashboards or more advanced actionable and impactful insights, illumin8HR is a scalable people analytics platform that can cater for all.

Platform features

Saving you time

Using our ETL technology, we combine and categorise your employee data so it’s ‘analytics-ready’, saving your teams hours of manual effort every week crunching spreadsheets, reports and exports from siloed systems.

Unlocking greater insights

By joining the dots across siloed data sets, with illumin8HR you’re able to unlock greater insight into your employees – connecting development with retention, or overtime with sickness absence – to better inform decision making and measure impact.

Simple visualisations

Once your data is connected, you can switch on over 200 ready-made metrics, dashboards and reports, streamlining the reporting process and making data simple and accessible for you, your team and your people managers.

No technical skills required

Easy drill downs make it simple to explore the data and an intuitive reporting tool means creating and scheduling new reports can be done in a couple of clicks reducing the reliance on BI analysts and data experts.

Align to your HR priorities

The platform is easily configurable to suit your business goals and HR priorities, whether it’s staff retention or DEI, you decide what’s important for you, your team and your managers to track.

Making data accessible

Designed for HR teams and people managers to self-serve, illumin8HR gives your organisation a single source of truth for all people data, accessible 24/7, helping inform and enable timely decisions avoiding a growing backlog of reports requests.

Putting you in control

Data access is controlled centrally down to user level so you can be confident decision makers can access only the information they need.

Turn insights into action

Users can share and discuss dashboards and insights within the platform and create shared action plans to drive improvements and measure impact.

Exporting data into your chosen destination

There’s also the option to export your combined people data from illumin8HR back into your own environment for further analysis downstream using your own in-house and BI tools.

illumin8HR can help all people across your business at any level

Discover how it can help your team today

Easily access the data needed on their teams and benefit from early warnings of potential issues so they can be understood and addressed as soon as possible. Being able to share those insights within the platform to gain support, context and enable action, allows for better people outcomes.

illumin8HR helps drive consistency in what HR goals the organisation is focused on and how they are calculated. It empowers their leaders and people managers to self-serve. Plus, it enables them to measure the impact of HR programmes on organisational performance.

illumin8HR delivers forward looking metrics that inform people decisions and how they align to business goals.  It means a better understanding of people costs including salaries, recruitment, retention and absence in real time, and the financial impact of business decisions and investments.

HR analytics

Collaborate within the platform

Share and discuss visualisations with members of your organisation to get context and action.

Create teams to monitor and contribute towards your HR goals.

Create and track action plans

Create shared action plans to tackle key issues with agreed targets and timelines.

Automatically track progress against targets to measure impact and improvements.

Focus in and measure impact with categorisations

Create and monitor key employee groups, such as project teams, flight risks or leadership programmes.

Track the impact of specific HR initiatives, minimise risk and measure ROI on areas of investment.

Share resources and expertise in the knowledge base

Store useful content to support your people managers with problem solving.

Powerful search function makes getting to the right information quick and easy.

knowledge base

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