illumin8HR DEI Solution

Shine a light on the diversity of your workforce with automated insights and out-of-the-box reporting.

  • Achieve DEI transparency across all your people data
  • Measure progress towards your DEI goals
  • Track the impact of your DEI initiatives
  • Meet compliance and best practice requirements like gender pay reporting

Make better people decisions using the power of data.
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DEI Dashboard

Visualise your DEI data across the employee life cycle with simple out of the box dashboards and reports

Get a clear picture of your people trends across areas like gender, disability or ethnicity, presented without conscious or unconscious bias, allowing users to truly understand any DEI&B issues within their organisation and address them. 

Track the impact and ROI of initiatives to create a happier, more productive workforce

illumin8HR provides a clear picture of an organisation’s workforce allowing you to measure and share the impact of your DEI initiatives and investments.

Diversity and Inclusion Dashboard

Employee experience and wellbeing

illumin8HR identifies and highlights trends in areas such as absence, performance and staff turnover that could point to an issue with employee wellbeing or a need for training.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Measure it. Manage it. Mean it.
Making DE&I more than just a report.

Last year I listened to People Analytics guru, Jordan Pettman, recall a situation where the leadership team in an organisation had agreed a set of strategic targets for DE&I across their organisation.

Webinar: No Data. No Diversity.

We were recently joined by two fantastic DEI specialists – Rochana Ebini Jackson, CEO of Divrsity and Dr. Adrienne Milner, Director of Research and Insight at Utopia –  for a webinar looking at the importance of measuring, tracking and reporting on data to inform your DEI strategies and initiatives.