Employee engagement: Measuring impact through data

Meet Bob, HR Business Partner for a utilities company. See how he makes employee engagement improvements with the help of illumin8HR.



Video transcript:

Meet Bob.  Bob is HR Business Partner for the Southern region of a large utilities company.

To help measure engagement, the company send out a quarterly staff survey and have a regular pulse check. The CPO wants to know how to get more value from the data and where they can have the biggest impact. Engagement scores in the Southern region are amongst the lowest in the organisation. The data shows a link between staff perception of career opportunities and those deciding to leave. Manager ratings are low relative to the rest of the business and the appraisal completion rate in the South is also a concern. Bob shares his findings with the CPO. Using illumin8HR, they create individual dashboards for the Southern team leaders so they can see and track their teams against their targets. The CPO is using the data to develop a business case for creating a skills academy to develop their people managers and ensure all employees have a development programme.

Using illumin8HR, the organisation has been able to quickly identify the priorities that will impact on staff engagement and ultimately retention. Democratising their data also helps drive accountability across their management teams.

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