Sickness absence: Measuring impact through data

Meet Vernon, Care Services Manager for a large private hospital. See how he makes staff absence improvements with the help of illumin8HR.



Video transcript:

Meet Care Services Manager, Vernon. Vernon works for a large private hospital and manages a workforce of over 1,000 staff, including nurses and care assistants across 20 sites.

illumin8HR has alerted Vernon and his management team to an ongoing increase in short term sickness absence amongst care assistants.

With a couple of clicks, Vernon can see that aside from normal minor illnesses, the sickness is mostly due to musculoskeletal issues.

This is also starting to impact costs as temps need to be employed to fill the staffing gaps.

Within the platform, Vernon shares the data with his HR Business Partner and direct reports to get some more context.

He learns a lot of carers are developing back problems at work when moving patients.

The team also review the training dashboard to see what manual handling training has been completed.  The data indicates a link between a fall in training compliance and the increase in sickness.

Using illumin8HR, Vernon and the team create an action plan to address the training compliance and introduce more regular and onsite manual handling training to help ensure staff understand how to lift patients safely.

They also decide to use their employee engagement tool to ask staff members if they require additional training.

Using illumin8HR, the team can access all the data they need in one place and see the impact of their action plan.

After 6 months, the number of musculoskeletal-related absences is starting to decline and the spend on temporary staff is decreasing.

Using the data, the team can measure the cost of increased training courses against the staff savings to measure the total net savings achieved.


illumin8HR is helping them to achieve their goal of reducing sickness absence, whilst looking after staff health and wellbeing and controlling workforce costs.

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