DEI: Measuring impact through data

Measuring impact through data

Meet Kyle, the Diversity Director of a UK charity. See how he makes DEI improvements with the help of illumin8HR.

Video transcript:

Meet Kyle, the Diversity Director of a UK charity with 2500 employees. Leadership is striving to increase the charity’s inclusivity, and see how it can improve staff engagement, performance and retention. Kyle uses illuminateHR to take a look at the employee metrics to get a baseline of where they are, so they can establish and track some realistic targets.

The team opt to create an Employee Resource Group (or ERG) to tackle two main points mentioned in exit interviews: bettering the physical workspace and enhancing career growth. The ERG trialled several plans including: adding a prayer room, establishing a breastfeeding zone, delivering inclusive leadership training for managers, and unconscious bias training for all staff.

With illuminateHR, they track and share the ongoing impact on the key people metrics to see what’s working. At the end of 12 months, they see that inclusion scores have gone up and they have received great feedback from staff.  Kyle and the ERG team are able to show the company-wide effect on engagement, performance, and retention – resulting in them receiving more ideas from staff across the whole business, and a renewed approach to collaborative working and data-backed decision making.

illuminateHR is helping them to embed inclusivity into their way of doing things and create a happier, fairer and more productive working environment for all staff – all powered by people data, made easy.


Want to make improvements to your organisation’s diversity, equity and inclusion? Speak to us about how you can track and measure your DEI data – contact us here.

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