Bringing data into a single platform will help to expose where additional data points, data cleansing and data ownership is required. Making it accessible to your people managers also helps to engage them in closing these data gaps.

Where data quality is poor, payroll data is often a great place to start and provides an accurate source of intel on headcount changes, cost and absence data. Bringing this into illumin8HR allows you to control access to data, insights and metrics that shine a light on trends that require action and inform decision making.

One of illumin8HR’s key benefits is its ability to plug in and pull the necessary data from across your various HR systems and bring them together in one platform.  From your ATS, to payroll, to employee survey data, we will work with you to bring data in through APIs, or data files, so all your employee data is joined up, up-to-date and accessible for your HR teams and decision makers.

illumin8HR goes much further than the basic reports and dashboards found in the likes of BI tools. illumin8HR automatically digs deeper and, through predictive analytics, highlights areas requiring action.

In our experience, some larger organisations use illumin8HR to complement their existing BI tools with illumin8HR making People Analytics accessible and simplified for the people managers in the organisation. As BI teams are generalists, having illumin8HR with pre-built best practice HR metrics and dashboards can also enhance the breadth and depth of what the organisation is tracking.

Not at all, illumin8HR has been developed with and for busy, non-technical users. illumin8HR requires very little training. All the data is distilled down into one insights screen, highlighting the priority areas your people managers need to focus on and removing the need to interrogate and interpret large sets of data. illumin8HR does this part for you and the insights are presented in easy-to-understand language which non-technical users can make sense of. However, if users want to drill down into the underlying data, they can.

Illumin8HR can help you focus on specific HR areas such as, but not limited to:

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging – Insights on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are identified and presented without conscious or unconscious bias in illumin8HR, allowing you to truly understand any DEI&B issues within your organisation and address them.
  • Employee experience and wellbeing – illumin8HR identifies and highlights trends in areas such as absence, performance and staff turnover that could point to an issue with employee wellbeing or a need for training.
  • Productivity and performance – illumin8HR can automatically explore and understand the wide range of factors that can impact employee productivity and uncover trends which may otherwise be difficult to find.
  • Strategic workforce planning – illumin8HR provides a clear picture of your organisation’s workforce and can help identify gaps in talent, recurring labour issues, training requirements and more.

Without People Analytics, trends identified based on your data are likely to be subject to unconscious/conscious bias, restricted by limited metrics and can be time consuming to collate. illumin8HR takes bias out of the picture, reduces the time to collate the data and applies industry best practice metrics to ensure you are getting impartial results fast.

Access to specific sets of data can be limited through user roles in illumin8HR. Setup of these roles is flexible depending on your requirements and permissions can even be replicated from your existing systems.  In addition to this, you can create standard user roles, which can be shared with the rest of your organisation hence reducing administrative workload even further.

illumin8HR comes with its own standard set of HR reports and dashboards, including hundreds of standard HR metrics across the employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to offboarding.

During implementation, we will work with you to align these to your data sets, HR goals and business priorities so you can get up and running quickly.

When you’re ready to roll analytics out to different areas of the business, ensuring what users access is relevant to them and the decisions they are trying to make is key to getting buy-in and engagement and making sure your organisation ‘lands’ successfully.

You can control the ‘standard’ metrics and dashboards that users see. Each area of the business may also have a unique set of priorities to track or you may want to give individual users the ability to create their own. illumin8HR can be tailored to your chosen approach.

With report writer, authorised users can easily create new reports and dashboards to suit users, changing priorities and new data sources.  With online help, training videos, and a dedicated support team, we’re also here if you need help.

Activ8 will work with you to understand your systems and the data you want to bring into the platform to provide an accurate implementation plan, responsibility matrix and timescales to complete integration and training.  An Activ8 project lead will be assigned to you to manage the implementation process and coordinate communications between your organisation and Activ8’s technical and support teams.  Our People Analytics experts and commercial team will also work with you to support you with your internal roll plan including stakeholder engagement, training, and communications.

Once you have completed the onboarding process and are using illumin8HR, you will have access to the following support from Activ8 Intelligence:

  • Email support – Questions, queries, issues and requests can be made by email to our Support Team who will endeavour to respond to you within the target timeframes set out in our Terms and Conditions.
  • ITSM – You will have access to all your support queries via an ITSM platform. You will be provided with a username and password and will be able to update priorities, add comments and track progress on any queries.
  • Step-by-Step Help Documentation – Available online 24/7 and updated alongside the product.
  • Support Team – Available 0900-1700hrs Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Whether it’s a lack of data, skills, resources, tools or the knowledge, we know there lots of obstacles that stop people getting started. If you’re struggling to know where to start, what you need or how to approach people analytics and you’re not ready to jump into buying tech, we can help.

Our programme of workshops is designed to equip you and your stakeholders with mapping out how to get embed people analytics into your people management processes and move forward with a joined-up approach.  Where we can help:

  • Engage your key stakeholders at an early stage.
  • Demystify people analytics and understand how it can impact on your workforce goals and business priorities.
  • Understand what stage your organisation is at, and what’s needed to progress to advanced analytics.
  • Identify ways to overcome potential barriers and avoid common pitfalls.

To find out more visit our Activ8 Advise page