Activ8 Intelligence announce new partnership with Optko

We are excited to announce our new partnership with forward thinking workforce and supply chain optimisation consultancy, Optko.


As part of Optko’s commitment to offering the best workforce management solutions to Australian organisations they have chosen to partner with Activ8 Intelligence, a global software provider, to bring people analytics solutions to Australian business.  illumin8hr, powered by Activ8 Intelligence, is a leading HR analytics solution that enables organisations to bring together data from multiple platforms to provide actionable insights on how your workforce is performing, providing key information to make better decisions about your people.

“Our belief is that all companies need to consolidate and analyse their HR data to gain insights about their workforce,” says Graeme Finck, Managing Director of Optko. “We are delighted to bring illumin8hr to Australia to offer the next generation of workforce management tools to Australian companies.”

Activ8’s Managing Director, Heidi Lopez, added, “Optko’s focus on helping companies achieve better workforce outcomes absolutely aligns with us and what illumin8HR can help customers to achieve. We’re really excited to be working with Graeme, Roland and the team to help more organisations realise this goal.”


About Activ8 Intelligence

Activ8 Intelligence was founded in 2005 as a tech-enabled HR consultancy, pioneering the use of employee data to solve HR problems. They worked with organisations on large scale projects to increase employee engagement, reduce recruitment costs and increase retention by identifying things like ‘flight risks’ and ‘good hires’. Their people analytics platform, illumin8HR, evolved from there as they recognised the value of bringing employee data sources together to inform decisions and to understand their impact.

Activ8 is already trusted by companies and governments across the globe to provide HR analytics to help them make improved decisions, track Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) across the company and provide actions and key metrics to increase compliance, increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Click here for more information about illumin8HR.


About Optko

At Optko, our vision is “Providing optimisation technologies that enable organisations to focus on what matters.”

Our journey with each of our customers begins with exploration to fully understand your business and set goals and plans to define a clear roadmap for optimisation and improvement. We review processes, look for process improvement and implement the latest technologies to help run, streamline, manage and monitor the operations and outcomes of their business. We Identify and implement workforce optimisation tools to support automation and continuous improvement and then review success, providing ongoing advice on how organisations can achieve their strategic outcomes.

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