Four Must-Watch Webinars for HR Professionals!

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Last year, we had the privilege of engaging with numerous esteemed HR and people analytics leaders, as we hosted four thought-provoking webinars. If you couldn’t catch them live, fear not! You can now access the full recordings below.


Driving DEI and HR Goals with Data 

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Join Pernille Hagild, Serena Lloyd-Smith, and Akin Thomas as they delve into a thought-provoking discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the business realm. Gain insights into the challenges of data collection and setting KPIs to effectively monitor success.


Make Data Your HR Superpower – An Interview with Dave Millner

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Our Managing Director, Heidi Lopez, engages in a captivating conversation with Dave Millner, an esteemed HR consultant and people analytics guru. Drawing from his book, ‘Introduction to People Analytics’, Dave shares invaluable insights on leveraging data to drive HR functions, fostering a more data-driven approach.


No Data, No Diversity

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Join us for a compelling webinar featuring DEI specialists Rochana Ebini Jackson and Adrienne Milner. Gain valuable perspectives on the criticality of measuring, tracking, and reporting data to inform DEI strategies and initiatives effectively.


How to Increase Your HR Business Impact with People Analytics. People Analytics Leadership Forum

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In this leadership forum, our experts Oliver Kasper, Alessandro Linari, and Dave Millner share their wealth of experiences in establishing robust people analytics functions. Discover how HR can make informed, impactful decisions that drive tangible business outcomes.


Don’t miss out on these invaluable insights! Dive into these webinars and elevate your HR game in 2024.

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