Activ8 Intelligence wins HR Tech Award for second year running

HR Tech Awards 2023

The team at Activ8 Intelligence are delighted to have once again won the HR Tech Award for Best Analytics, Measurement, and Business Impact Solution this year. The award is in recognition of Activ8’s innovative people analytics platform, illumin8HR.

The initiative, powered by one of the HR technology industry’s most innovative research firms, Lighthouse Research & Advisory, provides peer-reviewed feedback and inputs on technologies purpose-built to serve employers and the workforce. The program has a rigorous judging component with a panel of independent practitioners, consultants, and educators.

In this year’s program, the winners span several categories. According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory data, more than 5,000 providers exist across the HR technology landscape, with more start-ups and innovators entering the industry every single day. This year, the HR Tech Awards is recognising approximately 1% of those firms for creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about.

The Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks, had this to say; “In the four years we have done this program, hundreds of HR technology providers have sought to participate in the HR Tech Awards. Our judges strive to select technology solutions that have a real, measurable impact on employers. It’s such a pleasure to be able to congratulate the winners of this year’s program — they represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer.”

In yesterday’s livestream announcement, the award winners were celebrated in front of the HR community. George Rogers, Chief Culture Officer at Lighthouse, added, “In addition to examining the actual technology through a demo, we look at the company behind the solution, a client case study, and other relevant details to fully understand what each firm offers. It’s incredible to see the amazing value that employers can get from the right HR technology partner.”

The illumin8HR platform

illumin8HR is a people analytics solution that brings employee data together into one platform to enable better people decisions.

Unlike BI tools, illumin8HR is designed for people managers and HR teams who don’t have the time or sometimes the skills to bring data together and interpret it.

We automate the process of combining and categorising data from siloed systems into pre-built metrics and dashboards, saving hours of manual effort crunching spreadsheets and creating reports.

It’s simple to drill down, create, export, share and schedule dashboards and reports within the platform and automated insights alert users to outliers and forecast trends in their data making it quick and easy to spot issues. Action plans can be created and shared to address key HR goals, with targets and timelines to track results and measure impact.

By making people analytics easy, accessible, and relevant, we enable over 1,000 organisations to make better decisions – avoiding bias, reducing risk, managing cost and achieving better engagement, retention and productivity.

Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks, further commented about Activ8; “So much data analysis in HR is backward-looking, but high-performing companies are more likely to be proactive in their use of people analytics. Activ8 Intelligence supports this modern approach, helping employers to get more insight and value from their people’s data.”

Heidi Lopez, Manging Director at Activ8 Intelligence commented, “I am exceptionally proud of the Activ8 team and of our award-winning platform for achieving Best Analytics, Measurement, and Business Impact Solution for the second year running. It really is a reflection of the innovation of our product, and the client centric nature of our team and partners.”

The ultimate purpose of the HR Tech Awards program is to help HR technology buyers and employers understand some of the best companies in the industry for their technology selection needs.

For additional information and to see the full list of winning firms, please check out HRTechAwards.org

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