Connecting Deel with illumin8HR

An administrator's guide to connect Deel with illumin8HR

Deel is a global payroll and compliance software that helps companies with international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance. Our Deel HR integration combines your HR and business data to create automated reports and dashboards, and finds trends and outliers in your data to automatically alert you to key people trends that require attention. Reduce costs, manage risks, increase efficiency, collaborate and save valuable time – all in one single view.

Connecting Deel to illumin8HR

To integrate with Deel, you’ll need:

  • Owner or Admin access to your illumin8HR account
  • An active Deel subscription

1. Login to illumin8HR and click on the Integrations tab from the menu.
2. Click on ‘Deel’ on the list of Integrations available.
3. You will see a modal that integrates with Deel. Click on ‘Connect with illumin8HR’
4. You’ll be redirected to Deel to authorize the connection.
5. Click on ‘Continue’
6. Due to Deel’s authorization requirements, you will be presented with a second consent screen.
7. Click on ‘Allow’
8. Your illumin8HR account will now be connected to Deel.